Brighton Summit

i was asked early this year to brand the Brighton Summit (website here) - a local business convention held in my city. they needed a long list of stuff, all with the same visual theme. the event theme was 'embrace the unknown', so i decided to go with a design based around a journey. lots of little hills, with the characters unable to see where they're headed. 

the title banner

the title banner

ALSO this was really cool. one of the little slides i designed to promote the event has been featured in the adverts of all films shown at Duke of Yorks cinema in brighton, a huge institution that i've known since forever. that felt cool. here's a piccy of that.


the event is on 13th october so i'll be sure to take some snaps on the day.

Will of the People

YAY! i have recently been lucky enough to be asked to illustrate my first book. it's called 'WILL OF THE PEOPLE' and is a satirical picturebook about brexit, as told from the perspective of a family of bears. 

the working cover 

the working cover 

sarah bee, the author, and i successfully crowd-funded the project through kickstarter (HERE) and have now begun production. it's 30 pages long, and full colour, so i have my work cut out for me. 

i shall post progress updates as i go.. :o)

the first page!

the first page!


my most recent time lapse drawing video. i used some software called OBS which you can set to record an area on one of your screens - i just set it to record the canvas area of my photoshop window and voila! it's quite satisfying. i wish i could draw this fast in real time.

check the finished illustration below.


a lil design drawn over the weekend with the idea of putting it on t-shirts - something i've been meaning to do for agez. tried to marry some letter design with my characters, came out slightly less legible than i'd have liked... here are some details close up.

some process pics are below, including the first initial sketches. i started with the letters, then used them as shapes to fill in with the characters. 

hope to see this on some shirts soon so stay tuned :o)